Hookup Format: How To Use, Informations Required & What To Know

Hook Up Format For Yahoo Boy

Complete Yahoo Formats To Chat With Clients

Hook Up Format For Yahoo Boy

Hello Dear Hustler, Trust You Doing good on the field ?
Cool, let’s get into the main information about Hookups And Hookups Formats.

As you already know we love proceeding in life and i have already assured you that i will guide you all through with complete steps on how to be successful as a yahoo boy.

Note: We are not promoting scam because there are also legal way to make money online apart from yahoo. But life is based on determination, everyone determines what to be and partake in this life.

Today we are proceeding to the Hookup Format which was one of the Top 5 Formats To Use In Cashing Out As A Yahoo Boy. Apart from getting complete tools for your usage, Having complete format is another guiding rules and principles for you to keep this game running.

Geeups Doesn't Promote Anything Termed As Scam, All Post Were Made For Educational Purpose.

We Are No Way A Financial Advisor, Please Do More Research Interm Of Investments.

Also always remember to be Smart and use your Brain always. So without further aldo, lets move to the main purpose of this post.

In this Post, you will learn about The Hookup Format, The Features Of Hookup Yahoo Format And Vital Informations About Hookup Format.

What Is Hookup Format ?

Hookup format is a typical, Unique and fastest means of cashing out as a yahoo boy online. If you have a male client that already likes you, and you are using a female profile, no need to stress yourself to bill your client. All you have to do is use the hookup format for a client and make him send you money in a jiffy.

Do you know that most rich men want to be sure that you are genuine before sending you money to come over. In this article, I will show you how to make sure that it works. There are specific requirements you need to have before using this hookup yahoo format.

Make sure you present yourself as a lady that a man would want, then your client can tell you to come over for the weekend, then you bill the client based on transport fare or money for the flight.

Note: No matter what, never use your laptop or a low grade Android phone for this job. Laptop webcams are vast, so that they would expose your environment to your client.

Requirements For Using Hookup Formats

To get started with the hookup format, there are specific resources you should have at your fingertips. These resources will help you have seamless billing and make it easier for your client to trust you and send you money always. This is where we will be examining and explaining the several formats to use for Hookups Info in the yahoo game.

Note: There are different types of the hookup but most are done basically now with Hookup Ads online. This will enable the client to message you themselves, and by this you won’t get a fake client along the line.

You don’t need much requirement, all you need is a good device and most time Hookup Ads Site.

How To Get Hookup Ads Site To Post Hookups Ads As A Yahoo Boy

  1. Normally the hookup ads aren’t free beacuse it has high authorities of fresh clients for your task. To get one, you can contact us.
  2. You can get an Hookups Ads poster to help you with the posting of your ads if you can’t afford the money to buy the hookup sites. You can also get the service from this blog by contacting us.

So once you get the ads posted successfully, you will be getting torns of messages from serious clients if you get. the suitable format to use for them inorder not to loose them.

Hookup Formats To Use For Serious Clients

Hookup formats are many and more than you can ever think. But you can play along with the format we dropped below till you’re pro and start writing your self and advance to pro.

Format To Post Hookup Ads On Site Bought


Curvy 💋 Erotic ❤ Juicy 😘

Hey guys its Sophie, Im available now and READY to have some fun!! All my pictures are 100% real and recent !!

I offer full service and im very professional.
Call me or message for an unforgettable experience. 41222……

Incall price:

1hr $200
Hhr $150
Overnight $450

Out call:

1hr $300
Hhr $ 200
Overnight: $500

Note: Incall means the clients will come and meet you where you are while Outcall means you will go and meet him as his venue.

When you post finish expect messages in less than 20-30mins

Also Note that where we put the 44122.. is your phone number which you can put and write its half but i prefer writing the half so that they will message you to ask for the full number because most of them have been a victin of other but they can’t desist from hookup. They might start tracking those numbers to check if its virtual or others.

Format To Chat The Clients That Messaged.

Note this below format information is per interrogations with the client wey wan chop babe, so we are starting with the format to post hookup ads.

baby how are you doing today ? I’m available for fun , incall and outcall available and would you like to meet ? Am a female escort ready for any kinda fun I charge
$100 for normal hook up you can only Fuck,Suck, Kiss
$150 for no limit one and half hour
You can fuck the way you want too no limit
$300 for a whole night you can also fuck the way you want it no limit
What you prefer ?
$50 for 10 nu*es
$25 for 5 nu*es
$100 for videos and video calls
$200 for s*x and come over

I charge
£50 for normal hook up you can only Fuck,Suck, Kiss
£100 for no limit one and half hour
You can fuck the way you want too no limit
£150 for a whole night you can also fuck the way you want it no limit
What you prefer ?
£25 for 10 nu*es
£15 for 5 nu*es
£50 videos and video calls
£100 for s*x and come over

Always at ur service

Am here to fu*k and make my client happy okay ain’t gonna ruin my reputation cos of some God damn money okay

On a good day am not supposed to take stupid cards or PayPal it’s supposed to me cash, But I don’t wan nt to be played again that’s why I take gift cards as payment and accept payment before leaving my apt to my clients

If you feel uncomfortable, I can’t force you to fuck okay

Lemme know if you’re clean and okay with my rules and you’re ready to pay now so we meet up

I suck my client before getting them fuck okay
Ain’t gonna ruin my reputation cos of some God damn card okay

Have been played before but seeing you now you look different

I don’t accept cash for first time meet PayPal or gift card only for security reason such as rape or set up and you fuck alone no friends involved

Payments half now and half in person

How am I sure you ain’t a cop and you’re damn serious about this cos ain’t here for games okay

Am here to fuck and make my client happy okay
Pls if you just wanna waste my time you can kindly back off okay

You interested or not ?

What is your experience in meeting ladies on internet and have you ever been hurt by any ladies before either in person or on internet?

I tell you every single detail about me because I trust you Never let me regret it I may look like someone you cannot trust, but I tell you I can be trusted more than anyone else oh here

Gush can’t wait to have your big fat cock in my pussy and get me fucked real had and also suck on you till you cum all over me cant wait to have a taste of you cum and give me a doggy style

Do you know how it feels When you’re harassed and your friend got raped all because we don’t wanna bed for money that’s why we went into being an escort,still some bitch just come here to ruin others reputation same to the men also the make real escort lose trust ,just take a look at you now you’re adorable and lovely 😊 but a bitch broke the trust you had ,fuck this’s bad I can’t believe this still happen well I’ll tell you what I tell you every single detail about me because I trust you Never let me regret it I may look like someone you cannot trust, but I tell you I can be trusted more than anyone else oh here, even is it’s a bit I just want you to trust me okay come on is just me and you okay if you want me to start trip now I’ll change up and head to where you want me to head to now but I gotta confirm half payment that’s the only assurance I have okay,should I paste my PayPal details now

I was harassed and a friend of my got raped I had to spend a lot on treatment that made me lose my friends trust
Luckily me I manage to escape I sustained some minor injury

I don’t want that to happen again okay
My body is at stake here,hope you understand

Baby the withdrawal confirmation remains 1% to be completed just help me send $500 more now and it will be completed then you come inside okay ?

Baby trust me no get you get all your money back as soon as you get to my room before anything

Baby sorry I forget to tell you to send up to $200 so I can cash it out now send $100 more then I will give you $100 in cash when you get in to my room

Baby You got a good card but I can’t get the payments until I get my amazon wallet account upgraded and it need the minimum of 100 to upgrade it can you help me get another 400 will pay you back when I get there trust me in this I don’t want the account to get block and I loss the payment you sent okay

I. want to suck your cock until I make you cum all over my chest.

2. I want you to slap my ass and pull my trhair while giving it to me Doggy style.

3. Lemme know if you wanna meet cos,I want to suck your cock until I make eyou cum all over my chest

4. I you to suck on my tits and run your tongue across my rock hard nipples while I ride you.

5. I want you to lick my pu**y while your dick is halfway down my throat.

6. I want to get on wmy knees and rub your cock in between my tits before taking you into my mouth.

7. I want you to bend me over the bathroom sink and fuck me in front of the mirror.

8. I want to feel your lips pressed up against my neck while your fingers spress into my pussy.

9. I want you to rip my underwear off with your teeth.

10. I want to go down on you in the shower, so you can watch the water trailing over my wet tits.

11. I want you to pin my arms over my head while you thrust, so you have total and complete control of my body.

12. I want to leave scratch marks down your back and hickeys on your thighs.

13. I don’t want you to blindfold me and stick a ball gag in my mouth.

14. I want you to use one hand to play with my nipples and theX other to play with my ass.

15. I want my lips to taste like your cum.

16. I want you to come over, so you can watch me with my vibrator and hear my scream out your name as I cum.

17. I want you to fuck me in my new crotchless panties.

18. I want to feel your breath tickle my ear and your hand squeeze my ass.

19. I want to shove you onto the bed, crawl in between your legs, and suck your cock until I feel your cum cover my tongue.

20. I want to take you on a midnight drive and then fuck you senseless on the hood of the car.

21. I want to handcuff you to my bed and then ride you reverse cowgirl, so you can look, but can’t touch.

22. I want you to suck on an ice cube and run your cold tongue across my clit until I cum.

23. I want you to fuck me on the kitchen counter as you lick whipped cream off of my tits.

24. I want to watch your hot body hover over me as you thrust with your thick cock.

25. I want you to tie my wrists behind my back and fuck me Doggy style in front of a video camera.

26. I want to feel your cock twitch as I rub it through your jeans and then I want to feel it harden as I straddle you and grind.

27. I want to suck you off in a bathroom stall, so strangers can hear how loudly I can make you cum.

28. I want you to grab onto my hips while I bounce up and down on top of you.

29. I want you to fuck me in every position you can think of.

30. I want you to run your hands over my pussy, so you can feel how wet I am.

I don’t wan to be played again that’s why I take gift cards as payment and accept payment before leaving my apt to my clients half now half in person

Copy and follow thesteps, then you can start creating yours as soon as you get adapted to the chattings.

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