Beginner Guide On How To Become A Yahoo Boy, Formats To Cashout Big & Vital Informations

How To Become A Professional Yahoo Boy & Formats To Use

This article has been written to enlighten individuals on yahoo meaning, history, requirements, apps, dangers, disadvantages, latest methods and cash-out formats used on victims in and outside Nigeria.

With the present situation of the country, we find ourselves today, a lot of Nigerian boys and girls are actively searching online for cloning apps, smart yahoo boy formats, local business website, names, slangs, new updates, hustlers free WhatsApp group links, telegram group link, orientation to learn and do yahoo, cash out and become successful.

How To Become A Professional Yahoo Boy In Nigeria

What Does Yahoo, Being A Yahoo Boy, Yahoo Boy Mean ?

Yahoo means internet scam in Nigeria because the pioneers used Yahoo messengers as the social media platform to cash out and pull money out in the early 2000s.

Geeups Doesn't Promote Anything Termed As Scam, All Post Were Made For Educational Purpose.

We Are No Way A Financial Advisor, Please Do More Research Interm Of Investments.

The Nigerian governments are trying their best to curb the rising cyber fraud using the EFCC, to arrest and parade several suspected yahoo boys daily.

Being a yahoo boy means, you are into the same scam and already cashing out big from your clients, they are also called with acronyms of “G Boys, Gee“.

Becoming a yahoo boy is illegal and not good, as you have to be on the lookout always to avoid been getting caught by law enforcement agencies and your financial transactions must also be done anonymously.

Most yahoo boys choose to flaunt their wealth online and in various states and schools in Nigeria, which is the primary reason the crime commission in the country and internationally comes after them.

As this situation was going on in Nigeria, Yahoo has turned to other thing tagged as “Yahoo Plus“.

What Is Yahoo Plus ?

Yahoo Plus (Yahoo +) is known as an advanced yahoo which includes some other hidden aspects.

The difference between Yahoo and Yahoo Plus is the fetish aspect introduced into the business.

From reveals made by some arrested suspects of this business by the Nigerian police this year, Yahoo Plus costs money and involves supernatural or spiritual backings and comes with side effects including untimely death, unable to give birth and gastly accidents.

How To Identify A Yahoo Boy Already Cashing Out ?

Nigeria comprises a very wonderful and funny set of people, both the people that has knew about you before, hoodies will start judging by random things that mean nothing in this world including the law agencies.

As a girl, you will be tagged a prostitute for wearing beads on your waist or legs and gay for taking care of your skin and outlook if you are a man, you might be judged also if you mistakenly take a new haor cut better than the one you familiar with before.

Here are the signs that prove to Nigerians that someone is a full stack Yahoo Boy:

  • You Drew Tattoos At Your Body Visible Parts
  • You Make Dread Locks
  • You Dye Your Hair To Another Color
  • You Wear Earrings Or Ear Studs
  • You Ride A Car / Build House
  • You Wear Nice Dresses
  • You Used IPhone
  • You Are Always Seen With laptop

So if you possesses any of the above mentioned signs and you used it for flexing as fine boy, Never take a second thought because all your environment already tagged you as one of the yahoo boys.

Divisions Of The Yahoo Business

Yeah there are different aspect and divisions in this yahoo of a thing business where by most of the gee guys based or specialized in. So lets look into each aspect as i state them below for better understanding of yours.

  • Dating
  • Blackmailing
  • Hookups
  • Loading
  • Picking
  • Spamming
  • Flipping

Basically Blackmailing, Hookups, Dating among others which includes Lotto, FBI, Slave, Accident, Flipping are classified under the FORMATS GENRE, while Loading, Picking & Spamming are another aspect of the business on its own.

Steps On How to Become A Successful Yahoo Boy

Becoming a yahoo boy nowadays is now quite easy, since everyone now operate bigger phone better than button phones, a begineer of this yahoo business now must have a better phone with good connection so can later advance to a better and pro yahoo boy.

A professional yahoo boy must have some certain tools on their own to work independently and become successful.

Below are the list of the tools needed to expand your yahoo career & business.

  • VPN (Express Vpn, PIA VPN, Nord VPN)
  • Formats
  • Good Laptop
  • Good Smartphone
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Dating Apps
  • Email Bombing App
  • Cloning Apps
  • Google Hangout
  • Google Translate
  • WhatsApp (Business, Gb Whatsapp Or FM Whatsapp)
  • A Picker
  • Bank Drop or Anonymous Wallet
  • Foreign Phone Numbers (Google Voice, TextMe, TextNOW)
  • Foreign Email Addresses
  • Fake Social Media Accounts
  • Grammarly

Below are the little requirements of being a successful yahoo boy.

Yahoo Formats

Basically most of the work a yahoo boy do as a begineer will always start from Formats, there are different type of formats these yahoo boys tutor their trainee with but below are all types of the formats if you want to learn about it ob yourself.

The Yahoo has different formats which you can choose to abide with or keep using all if you are a genius.

  • Dating Format
  • Blackmailing Format
  • Inheritance Format
  • Flipping Format
  • Military Format
  • Hookup Format
  • Accident Format
  • Loan Format
  • Bitcoin / HIYP Format
  • Gift Card Format
  • Job Grant Format
  • Gay Format
  • Menstruation Format

We can only talk about few of the formats here to avoid distressing you, we will bring all the formats up in our next posts. There are many information to cover in How To Make Money Online As A Yahoo Boy, Sites to surf to curb your clients and pages, Information on how to keep chatting them, keep them live if they aren’t ready to pay yet, Premium clients to purchase so they can pay you very faster. Also our next post will be expressing the powerful apps and their usage in this business, Variations of each of the software and apps to work and their limitations, Top 10 paying clients country.

Infact let me implore you to bookmark this website incase you needed a very fast access to each content you want to use for each of your clients.

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