Menstruation Format: Informations, Steps On Usage & How To Cashout With It

Menstruating Formats For Yahoo Boys

How To Become A Professional Yahoo Boy & Formats To Use

Hello dear hustler, thanks for meeting up with this new update on How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy In Nigeria. We haven’t covered much though but i assure you if you still stick to our updates, you will continue to learn and become a pro and successful Yahoo or G Boy as it is terms now.

Note: We are not promoting scam because there are also legal way to make money online apart from yahoo. But life is based on determination, everyone determines what to be and partake in this life.

Today we are proceeding to the Menstruation Format which was one of the Top 10 Formats To Use In Cashing Out As A Yahoo Boy. Apart from getting complete tools for your usage, Having complete format is another guiding rules and principles for you to keep this game running.

Also always remember to be Smart and use your Brain always. So without further aldo, lets move to the main purpose of this post.

Geeups Doesn't Promote Anything Termed As Scam, All Post Were Made For Educational Purpose.

We Are No Way A Financial Advisor, Please Do More Research Interm Of Investments.

In this Post, you will learn about The Menstruation Format, The Features Of Menstruation Yahoo Format And Vital Informations About Menstruation Format.

What Is The Menstruation Format About ?

Firstly as per science, Menstruation is the normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. Every month, your body prepares for pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs, the uterus, or womb, sheds its lining. The menstrual blood is partly blood and partly tissue from inside the uterus.

Back to our post purpose, This format implies to most using dating format. As usual, you will contact the client using the dating billing format and then collect their money using the menstruation format.

But let me say its more wider than that, you will need a legit format to converse, proof pictures, likely hospital bills and some others menstruation pictures and requirements.

So in this update, i will be providing you with the requirements for this format for successful cashout.

Requirements For This Menstruation Format Are

  1. Menstruation Current Format Text
  2. Menstruation Format Pictures
  3. Menstruation Drugs Pictures
  4. Heavy Menstruation Bleeding Pictures
  5. Complete Menstruation Premium Picture & Formats

So follow up this post for a better method and experience for a successful task in this field.

Also always remember to be Smart and use your Brain always. You will always see this in all our post updates including formats. So lets quickly dive into the information so we can start cashing out

Please remember your millions is assured if you stay close to The Geeups Informations be it in our Cryptocurrency Airdrops, and other fields in which you can make cool cash legitimately online.

Menstruation Current Format

Without no futher expression, you already know you will have been inline with the client you wish to bill with the menstruation format. So pick from any of the format methods below and start the journey. Once you advanced to a PRO stage, you will have to be writing your formats yourself.

This format will works well if you tell the man that you are sick and down facing some menstrual health issues.

Format One

Honey there’s something i have wanna tell you babe it’s something about my health, i have menstrual disorders and it has been going wider within me since six months ago but i don’t really wanna tell you before on till i came to realize that shutting mouth is bad , but before the menstrual disorders i was first observing some irregular periods, but now am telling you babe because i know you really love me and you will never let me down.

Sincerely babe it’s becoming so painful for me to get my period through and since when this fucking menstrual disorder have started i have been to the hospital severally but the doctor advised me to continue buying some pill to end the menstrual pain.The drug is easing me from the misery of period pain, So i was advised to buy Blackmores Lyprinol and some blood tablet to make the pills usage balance.

I think this is the only way i can survive and be free from the menstrual disorders, please babe don’t let me down you need to help me this time all i need is $300 babe

Format Two

Baby.. It my menstruation period and i keep bleeding and have too much of stomach pain.

I went to see the doctor and i was told that I will need more pads and pain relief to stop the blood because it can cause other problem to my stomach if the good care and treatment is not taken.

The doctor said it will cost me 250$ to get the full treatment and i will be well, please i will need you to help me with that baby.

Format Three

Hi baby, i remembered i told you about my menstrual cycle which i said i will be starting soon, Baby i have started and am having cramps and menstrual disorders which has lead to heavy bleeding and it get me exhausted most times.

I hwve visit the doctor again for the second time again which he still assured me of better health if i keep using the drugs he prescribed.

I have exhausted the $$$ with , Please i will need you to borrow me so Cash $ up to 300$ for the full prescription

I will return it in latter time.

This format can be enhanced better and faster if you can get a female to tell you more about menstrual pains, cramps and disorders.

Menstruation Format Pictures

MenstrMenstruation format picture can be gotten from any hustler and also can be gotten from here but in order to save our privacy and policy of users, we wont be attaching any of the images here.

We will attach the images Zip file below for you to get and extract to make use of it for your clients.

The files attached below will include Menstruation Drugs Pictures, Heavy Menstruation Bleeding Pictures and lot more.

Complete Menstruation Premium Picture & Formats

As you already know many other people has been in this field since, which make us decide that many of the pictures would have been casted which might unleash you as an unfaithful victim to your clients.

So we will provide you premium formats and pictures of any formats which has not even been seen by any client or nee clients and will enable them to trust you as a legit victim.

We also love to provide all this for you for free but as you know the cost of getting these thing and even subscription to surf and get the informations are too costly.

We have already decided to give you these for just a token which will be included in our checkout page for your faster response and get the files delivered to you so easy as per your payment confirmation.


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