Fresh Pages To Bomb For Paying Clients As A Yahoo Boy

Sites To Bonb To See Clients

Dear Hustler, we ready to pop up again in this thread. As already said in our previous posts, we talked on how to get clients to bill and make money from. In The Article, We learnt about

  • Who Is A Client ?
  • Process To Get Bulk Clients
  • Where To Get Client
  • Tools To Get These Clients
  • Which Country Clients Pay Most
  • Formats To Chat These Clients

Who Is A Client ?

On Previous Post, we said Client as it is just called normally is just like a customer of a business. But in Yahoo Game, Client is a name given to a white victim convicted from the money, fullz information, Card details. Some call it “Maga” which terms as someone that isn’t wise enough and mind can be easily be changed through some dual process.

Process To Get These Clients

As already said, i will teach you every steps to take to be successful in this game.

Note: Getting full tutorial and complete tools will help you succeed.

Geeups Doesn't Promote Anything Termed As Scam, All Post Were Made For Educational Purpose.

We Are No Way A Financial Advisor, Please Do More Research Interm Of Investments.

Back to our thread, the process to get bulk clients is called “BOMBING“.

What Does Bombing Mean In Yahoo ?

Bombing as it is called is not about using grenade, when you no be Soldier. Bombing simply means surfing sites, socials medias and bumping into some individuals profile pages, groups and official page to fetch their friends and users in terms of page. So the yahoo boy now add the users as friend in order to make them his friends too abd that was where the chatting started.

Process Of Bombing

  1. Visit Any USA Facebook / Instagram Page or Group
  2. Surf Each Groups Or Friend Lists In Terms Of Profile
  3. Check When The Joined And Little Informaion About Them
  4. Add Them As Friend

This brought us to the process by which we can get outr clients very faster and not to be long in this game before making it.

So Below is the USA Pages And Groups for both Facebook & Instagram that haven’t Cast that you can convey your paying client from, we wont be able to write their full extension as to save our blog authorities, so will attach the complete list underneath this post which you can download and get all site inside.

Facebook & Instagram Pages / Groups To Get Verified Clients From

  • AARP
  • Humans of New York
  • Edith Wharton
  • American heart association
  • American medical association
  • Dr. Wayne Jonas
  • Organic consumers association
  • Ivanka trump
  • The Charlie Daniels Band
  • Greg Gutfeld
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Texas Gun Rights
  • Fox & Friends First
  • Matt Walsh
  • Tea Party Express
  • NASCAR on FOXc
  • Conservative Post
  • Western Journalism
  • Willie Nelson
  • Donald J. Trump
  • The Old Farmers Almanac
  • Right wing news
  • PCHSearchAndWin
  • Florida-Georgia Line
  • liftbump
  • second amendment foundation
  • dixieland defender’s
  • The pet collective
  • ACM – Academy of Country Music
  • Heineken
  • national association for gun rights
  • car throttle
  • pras michel
  • C10 Trucks
  • pga Toure
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle
  • Greta Van Susteren
  • Womanfreebies
  • oprahwinfrey
  • In Touch Ministries
  • Addicted 2 Country Music
  • sarah palin
  • mittromney
  • theACLJ
  • onenationindivisible
  • JudicialWatch
  • paulryanwi
  • Qpolitical
  • Matt Kibbe
  • Horse Trader Online
  • Real Estate in SW Florida
  • numbersUSA
  • wheeler dealer
  • ibelieve
  • Donald J. Trumps
  • The Old Farmers Almanac
  • Right wing news
  • PCHSearchAndWin
  • Florida-Georgia Line
  • liftbump
  • second amendment foundation
  • dixieland defender’s
  • The pet collective
  • Heineken
  • national association for gun rights

Method Of Getting Clients From These Sites

Copy each listed group per line to your facebook or instagram. Mind you get your VPN on always whenever you want to surf any of these page because both Facebook and Instagram has IP ADDRESS Blockers enabled on their sites to avoid this type of runs.

I should be showing snapshot but i think this reading aspect is better and will enable each one of us to learn better.

Inorder to gather more statistics for your runs and get original clients from those sites.


  • ON And Set Your VPN To USA.
  • Start Copying The Group Names To Your Facebook / Instagram One By One.
  • Allow The Pages or Groups To Load And Look For Either Members or Click on each post to see engagements and add those.
  • Fill The Required Text With Your Fake Informations Then Proceed To Sigup On The Account To Create Your Profile.
  • Set Up Your Profile And Make It Professional
  • Upload A Better Image As Your Profile Picture And All Steps Done.
  • Now Join Groups On The Site If Present Or Proceed Searching For Users By Age.
  • Try Adding The Older Ones As The Tends To Have More Cash At Hand And In Banks.
  • Start Your Chats From The Site, Talk And Reason For About 2 Hours.
  • With Formats, You Will Know Each Steps To Take To Avoid Being Getting Casted As A Begineer
  • Find A Better Way To Lure Them To Your Hangouts Or Whatsapp By Asking Them Of Their Email Or Are They Using Any Other Social Handle Apart From This Website ?
  • Getting This Information From Them Will Let You Keep Intouch With Them Even If You Were Banned From The Site.
  • You Can Start With Dating Formats As This Is The Best From The Sites And You Can Later Move To Any Other Formats To Keep Them In Line With You.

Incase You Needs To Learn More About Each Formats, Click Here

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