How To Get Clients To Keep Chatting With As A Yahoo Boy

How To Get Clients To Nurse And Bill

How To Get Clients To Nurse And Bill

How you doing dear Hustler, Trust you are good ?, Well let move to todays business, trust me you will be rich if you follow each steps going through in this blog as i teach you both illegal update and legal updates on How To Be A Successful Yahoo Boy With Cashout Not Less That $27,000 (Twenty Seven Thousand Dollars) In A Month. Wow a lot whoppy sum amount of money right ??

Also if you follow the updates wella, you will keep learning about new information and updates.

Today we will be looking at how to get client to start nursing as a begineer to yahoo game.

In This Article, You will learn about

Geeups Doesn't Promote Anything Termed As Scam, All Post Were Made For Educational Purpose.

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  1. Who Is A Client ?
  2. Process To Get Bulk Clients
  3. Where To Get Client
  4. Tools To Get These Clients
  5. Which Country Clients Pay Most
  6. Formats To Chat These Clients

Note we might some of the content part to save us our time so as to get to work very faster.

Who Is A Client ?

Basically, Client as it is just called normally is just like a customer of a business. But in Yahoo Game, Client is a name given to a white victim convicted from the money, fullz information, Card details. Some call it “Maga” which terms as someone that isn’t wise enough and mind can be easily be changed through some dual process.

Process To Get Bulk Clients

As already said, i will teach you every steps to take to be successful in this game.

Note: Getting full tutorial and complete tools will help you succeed.

Back to our thread, the process to get bulk clients is called “BOMBING“.

What Does Bombing Mean In Yahoo ?

Bombing as it is called is not about using grenade, whe you no be Soldier. Bombing simply means surfing sites, socials medias and bumping into some individuals profile pages, groups and official page to fetch their friends and users in terms of page. So the yahoo boy now add the users as friend in order to make them his friends too abd that was where the chatting started.

Process Of Bombing

  1. Visit USA Dating Sites / Find A Page Or Profile On Social Media
  2. Surf Each Groups Or Friend Lists In Terms zof Profile
  3. Check When The Joined And Little Informaion About Them
  4. Add Them As Friend

Where To Get Client

Clients can be gotten through several ways but the most popular out of them is going into Social Medias and premium dating websites. You can get Clients from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora & more.

Follow the other threads to See Social Media Pages To Bomb And Get Legit Paying Clients As A Yahoo Boy and also Free And Premium Dating Sites To Bomb And Find Legit Paying Clients.

Tools & Requirements To Get These Clients

You keep learning as new tools comes out daily, we have new format and updates daily. There are easy steps to pass through and through consistent practising you become a pro and also have some apprentice under you. Below are little requirements needed to get your first clients.

  1. Learn How To Write & Read
  2. Fast Internet And Active Data
  3. Good laptop
  4. Get A Smartphone
  5. Secured Location (Using VPN)

Which Country Clients Pay Most

No gimmicks there are best paying clients county which you must target as your victim.

The best and still paying country is USA, Though there are many other countries that can pay you also but not with Gift Cards but they can pay by Cryptocurrency.

Don’t near Indians, Pakistans & other non english speaking country.

Formats To Chat These Clients

As we have already said in our previous threads, there are different types of formats in which you can use to chat your clients depending the side part of the game you choosed to leave by or the one that suits you best and well.

A Yahoo Format is a guide scripted in steps, stating as guidelines or laws which is to be followed to know what to send or reply to a target client to keep the conversation running and smooth so that we can cash out.

As a begineer to yahoo business, you will need these formats to keep checking back on so as not to fluctuate in your chatting with your client on the lon run.

Professional yahoo boys doesn’t need much formats becaise they already mastered their ways of chatting and can easily decide what to type to a clients without making mistakes.

In a nutshell, let me say the yahoo format determines the tools and abiding rules with guidelines that is needed to cash out successfully.

Here are the latest formats used by Yahoo boys to collect money as it has already been mentioned.

  • Dating Format
  • Blackmailing Format
  • Inheritance Format
  • Flipping Format
  • Military Format
  • Hookup Format
  • Accident Format
  • Loan Format
  • Bitcoin / HIYP Format
  • Gift Card Format
  • Job Grant Format
  • Gay Format
  • Menstruation Format

We are going to expanciate how each of format works and how to make use of it. Here you should sit back well and read closely to gain the aims abd objective of the post.

Dating Format

With the dating format, yahoo boys use it to build a relationship with their client as a lover, be it female or male.

For the Male, The yahoo boy pretends to be female to his client, showing them lustful pictures to turn their head on. They make them trust them without gimmicks and on turning them on finally… The get them billed on daily basis or monthly.

For Female, The yahoo boy might run his real life known as Legit whereby you use all your real picture, information about you and others but will be little or slight fake life in their chats. Other wise the yahoo boy pretends to be another white man or sugar daddy not in the same country with the victim.

This format is also called romance and mostly works on older adults (male, female, transgender, gay) from the age of 39 upwards which most of them ar divorced.

We already write the full information about All Latest And Still Paying Yahoo Formats To Bill And Make Clients Pay Here (Read Complete Guide).

Read The Complete Guide To Keep Moving.

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