Complete Yahoo Formats For Chatting And Cashing Out Big From Different Clients

Yahoo Formats To Chat Clients

Complete Yahoo Formats To Chat With Clients

Hello dear hustler, thanks for meeting up with this new update on How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy In Nigeria. We haven’t covered much though but i assure you if you still stick to our updates, you will continue to learn and become a pro and successful Yahoo or G Boy as it is terms now.

Previously On “Introduction And How To Be A Good Yahoo Boy“, we stopped on each type of formats to use in chatting your clients which we haven’t covered. We are going to cover the full information on Formats That Yahoo Boys Uses, The Types Of Yahoo Formats And How to Use The Yahoo Formats.

Different Yahoo Formats To Chat With Clients

As it has already been said, Yahoo has different formats which you can choose to abide with or keep using all if you are a genius.

Yahoo format refers to the yahoo scam principles used to bill and collect information from a client.

Geeups Doesn't Promote Anything Termed As Scam, All Post Were Made For Educational Purpose.

We Are No Way A Financial Advisor, Please Do More Research Interm Of Investments.

  • Dating Format
  • Blackmailing Format
  • Inheritance Format
  • Flipping Format
  • Military Format
  • Hookup Format
  • Accident Format
  • Loan Format
  • Bitcoin / HIYP Format
  • Gift Card Format
  • Job Grant Format
  • Gay Format
  • Menstruation Format

What Is Yahoo Format ?

A yahoo format is a guide scripted in steps, stating as guidelines or laws which is to be followed to know what to send or reply to a target client to keep the conversation running and smooth so that we can cash out.

As a begineer to yahoo business, you will need these formats to keep checking back on so as not to fluctuate in your chatting with your client on the lon run.

Professional yahoo boys doesn’t need much formats becaise they already mastered their ways of chatting and can easily decide what to type to a clients without making mistakes.

In a nutshell, let me say the yahoo format determines the tools and abiding rules with guidelines that is needed to cash out successfully.

Here are the latest formats used by Yahoo boys to collect money as it has already been mentioned.

  • Dating Format
  • Blackmailing Format
  • Inheritance Format
  • Flipping Format
  • Military Format
  • Hookup Format
  • Accident Format
  • Loan Format
  • Bitcoin / HIYP Format
  • Gift Card Format
  • Job Grant Format
  • Gay Format
  • Menstruation Format

We are going to expanciate how each of format works and how to make use of it. Here you should sit back well and read closely to gain the aims abd objective of this post.

Dating Format

With the dating format, yahoo boys use it to build a relationship with their client as a lover, be it female or male.

For the Male, The yahoo boy pretends to be female to his client, showing them lustful pictures to turn their head on. They make them trust them without gimmicks and on turning them on finally… The get them billed on daily basis or monthly.

For Female, The yahoo boy might run his real life known as Legit whereby you use all your real picture, information about you and others but will be little or slight fake life in their chats. Other wise the yahoo boy pretends to be another white man or sugar daddy not in the same country with the victim.

This format is also called romance and mostly works on older adults (male, female, transgender, gay) from the age of 39 upwards which most of them ar divorced.

We will learn how to get those clients in our next articles.

Blackmailing Format

This format comprises many type of blackmailing but this can only be done after you’ve gain the clients trust.

Blackmailing format includes sexual blackmail, emotional blackmail and defamation.

Sexual blackmail is when a client’s nude is collected and threatened to be leaked online, this is where the yahoo boy start making his cashout, he negotiate with the client and they agrees on a particular amount of money to pay and the client now agrees to send money to avoid shame.

Emotional blackmail is when a yahoo boy makes a client love him dearly and later, he threatens to end the relationship. The client who is now vulnerable in love would do anything desperately to save the relationship including sending money to make him happy and keep him a long line with him or her.

Inheritance Format

This format is one of the oldest yahoo formats, which is also known as the Prince format.

With this format, a yahoo boy has to convince his client to believe that he is very rich, proof him with many fake pictures of his belongings which includes Cars, Houses, Gold Chains and many more assets.

The Yahoo boy will now promise his client part of his wealthy family’s inheritance or tell the clients he wanted to sell part of the inheritance in order to make money or needed it for some business plan.

The Yahoo boy will promise him to add more to the property which will catch the attention of a greedy client and the greedy client sends him money to secure his share of the inheritance.

Flipping Format

With this format therevare different type of flipping which include the Bitcoin Flipping, Instagram Flipping, Cashapp Flipping.

The Steps Is As Follows:

  1. The Yahoo boy hacks, open or buy someone’s Instagram account with a good number of friends or followers
  2. Then he will post good news with the person’s account of how he invested at least $1000 and got $3,000 in 1 hour
  3. Some of the victim’s friends messages him to confirm the post
  4. He convinces them that the flipping is real by posting fake testimonial and fake proofs pictures.
  5. Some of the victims pays $1000 or Lower to invest for a start, Immediately they paid and the payment is confirmed, he blocks them and deletes their username from the instagram account.

Note this implies to Cashapp Flipping and Bitcoin Flipping too.

Military Format

This type of formats implies to a yahoo boy ehich is also same similar to Dating Format, One of the best formats to bill a client easily is the military dating format and the 419 military formats. These formats are popular because the average American citizens love military men.

Those military men put in lots of effort to safeguard the country, so they deserve all the love they get from their citizens.

Military formats has many requirements in its formats, which we won’t be able to discuss here but will create a post about it soon.

Hookup Format

This formats is considered easiest but typically implies to the yahoo boy using female profiles or in the dating niche of the business. Be sure to sometimes use the hookup format if you have a male client you are chatting with, then the hookup format will be perfect for you.

If you present yourself as a lady that a man would want, then your client can tell you to come over for the weekend, Which you bill the client based on transport fare or money for the flight.

Accident Format

This format would work like charm after you’ve already gained trust with your client. This format works mostly when a client is giving you a tough time to cash out, but he Or she loves you.

You can say that this format works better when you combine it with other blazing formats like the dating billing and military format, etc.

All you have to do is shock your client that you are in the hospital with serious injuries / bruises, the client will be shocked and will want to know what really caused it or happened. You can tell him that you went searching for a job or on a tour and that the public transport you used crashed into a trailer that took one life.

Loan Format

This format works fine and generally of you are smart and genius because most people in the United States can’t access loans because they don’t have good credit.

So with the loan format, your job is to give them the idea on how you can provide them with low interest loans. If you find a client that is interested, the next step would be to make them fill a form to apply for the loan.

The billing part with this latest scamming format is that they will have to pay a certain amount of money for you to make them qualify for this loan. Let’s say a client has a poor credit score, so they will pay about $500 to allow you to make them qualify. Most of them will buy this and even thank you for such an opportunity.

Note that there are other opportunities attached with it which include getting their fullz (Personal Information & Private Info) of them which can be used in some other formats.

Bitcoin / HIYP Format

This format requires a little funds in order to initiate the goal and enable you cash out very fast. Infact a begineer that started this format today can cash out the same day if all his required tools is ready.

This is one of the best formats because nobody even knows who is behind the platform and you always collect your payment in Bitcoin, not even dollars. With the format, you don’t need to convince any client physically to fall for this format.

Requirements For This Format Are

  1. A Fake Bitcoin Investment Website
  2. A Complete Bitcoin Investment Script
  3. A Domain Name
  4. A Hosting Server

We will discuss more on it and how to create our fake bicoin / HIYP investment website.

Gift Card Format

This format can be used in combination with other formats like dating, military and some other formats.

If you are looking for the format to make sure that your client sends you Gift Cards, then you can use this format.

If you are a fan of the iTunes gift card, Amazon, Sephora then this format is for you. This is the latest scamming format for those who are interested in collecting gift cards from their client.

Note that there are many types of Gift Card which you can collect form you clients to save yourself a big cash.

Job Grant Format

Most people are looking for jobs, which will make them fall for this yahoo format, everyone know ls that looking for a job is stressful for most people and they will jump on any opportunity no matter how dubious or curious it is.

As a sharp and genius G Boy, you prey on desperate people, You give them a glimpse of hope that they can make a lot of money by offering them a job. You will send them emails with heading like “Keep Working From Home And Make Money”, “Perfect Work And Task To Do From Home”. You will also ask them if they are prepared to make over $1,300 by working from home. This will make them think of the opportunity rather than trauncate the opportunity.

You will target jobless people with enticing offers. Your clients would be unemployed people or underpaid workers looking for an opportunity to change their jobs.

Gay Format

The gay billing format also works like the dating billing format, but this time, you are making it clear that you are gay and interested in men over women.

These Are The Steps You Need To Do:

  1. Visit Google and search for “Gay Dating Websites”.
  2. Turn On Your VPN.
  3. Set your location to the US or UK (Make sure your VPN is premium).
  4. Use VPN Like Nord Vpn, PIA Vpn, Ipvanish & Express Vpn.
  5. Fill Out Your Profile On The Dating Website.

Then start looking for gay clients you can start chatting with. The aim would be to present yourself as a gay partner looking to start dating them. You can also see many Gay communities, join them and it will expose you to many other clients.

Menstruation Format

This format implies to most using dating format. As usual, you will contact the client using the dating billing format and then collect their money using the menstruation format.

Note that you need an image of a girl seeing her menstruation to convince the client. If you are downloading online, make sure to edit the picture so that the client cannot trace it and call you a scammer.

You can use Cashapp, PayPal Or Bank Details (Usa Details) as your mode of payment.

There are many formats which i will be unleasing as we move on in each post.

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